Gadgets for Mobile Phone Photography

Photography is a beautiful activity. Beautiful moments are captured forever. Photography has moved from being an activity for professionals only to something that everyone else can do. Smartphones have the latest technology when it comes to taking photos.

Photography is no longer restricted to members of the trade or professionals that make a living capturing the beautiful memories of others. Taking selfies and photos to share on social media is pretty much part of life now. This created a market for selfie tools, photography gadgets and smartphone accessories that are innovated for use with your mobile devices



Bevel is a simple attachment to take 3D pictures with your smartphone or tablet. Just plug this device into the headphone jack of your mobile device, and pan the surroundings for a 3D photo. The images captured can also be used to print 3D objects with a 3D printer. ($79.99 on pre-order)

Sony DSC-QX100

Sony DSC-QX100 is a smartphone-attachable lens-style camera. It’s a clever device that turns any smartphone into a professional camera. You only need to join the lens with your smartphone to take beautiful pictures. It can also be paired with your mobile over WiFi (here’s a video to show you how you can take pictures with the lens detached).

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You do not have to own a DSLR camera in order to get good lighting while taking photos. If you decide to carry one around then you should know that there is  a better way to trigger it.

Pocket Spotlight

If you think that the pop-up flash on a DSLR is the most unflattering light source known to man, you’re close, but the flash on your smartphone is even worse. The Pocket Spotlight is designed to fix that, providing continuous lighting that you can either hand-hold or plug into your phone’s headphone jack. A full charge via USB will last about an hour. The light works well for both stills and video.


You use your phone for everything else these days, so why not use it to trigger your DSLR? One end of the cord plugs into your camera, and the other plugs into your phone. Download the free app and you’re good to go. Modes include: standard trigger, motion trigger, sound trigger, time-lapse, distance-lapse, face-detection trigger, customizable HDR, star trails, and more. Features vary somewhat between Android and iOS versions, so make sure to double-check if you’re looking for something specific. Individual components are available on Amazon, but check the website to make sure you get what’s right for your camera.

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There is no end to mobile innovation and therefore it can also be concluded that there is no end to the innovation in great mobile photography.


It’s a periscope design device to shoot mobile photos. HTC RE camera is waterproof up to 10 feet and captures 16-megapixel images or 1080p videos with the touch of its one button.

Price: $199.99


Shuttr is a remote shutter release for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Samsung S4, S3, Notes 3, Notes 2, Notes 10.1, Nexus 4, 5, 7 and LG G2, G PRO, G Flex, HTC New One, Sony Xperia Z.

Price: $39.99


Iblazr 2 is the second generation in the Iblazr flash series for smartphones and tablets. This flash designed for smartphones also comes in handy when taking photos with tablets or DSLR cameras.

Price: $53.99

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